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App Review : Sky View - An Astronomy App

<br /> App Review : Sky View - An Astronomy App<br /> App Review : Sky View - An Astronomy App
I was surprised to see the unknown stars on top of the night. But I do not know their name and distance.
Who does not like to know about unknown?
And if it is anything outside the world then there is no word.
I do not know the name of the star in the night sky, except for one or two. The most familiar is the Moon. Someone will know the Venus . We do not know anyone more than this.

But it is possible to get acquainted with them very easily, how?
That's why you must download a app from the Playstore Skyline® of Terminal Eleven. (There are also other paid apps)

Download Now -Sky View

It is possible to know the distance, classification, equation etc. of the stars through this app. If the mobile will turn to a specific star, it will tell its identity.

Many of those whom we now see as bright stars, many of them are not stars but rather the planets of our solar system. …

What happens to your body when you die in space?

<br /> What happens to your body when you die in space?<br />

What happens to your body when you die in space?Think you're a famous astronaut from NASA. Most of your life has been spent in space. Even you have died in space. But then what will happen ? Let's know what will happen then....

So far, about 550 people have gone to space. Only three of them died in space. On June 6, 1971, a Russian space station named Soyuz 11 was hit by the accident, leaving three of its astronauts dead. Many things can happen when you die in space. However, scientists give importance to three possibilities. These are Burning, Rubbing and Mummified.

In space, if a person is released without spacesuit (Astronauts usually wear a suit), then he will live from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. His legs will swell and he will die. Many people say there will be an explosion of human bomb in space. But it will be done when the person breathes in the chest and goes to the space. But usuall…

How Big is the Universe??

How Big is the Universe
The Sun is 1.3 million bigger than the Earth . How strange it is!

Let's see, it is time to see the around of Milky Way galaxy.

There are a big star named Sirius A . It is only 9 light-year away from us. Its size is 2 times than the Sun. This is the brightest star in our sky.
From here 34 light years away, you will find a star Pollux. This star is 10 times larger than the Sun but its glitter is 32 times the Sun. Unimaginable! Come away a little further.

If you can overcome the light path of 37, you will see a big star called Arcturus.It is 25 times bigger than the sun in the shape.

The Aldebaran
star is 65 llight-years away from us and it is 52 times bigger than the Sun and 159 times brighter than the Sun.

Then you have to go a long way. Another star named Rigel 773 light years away. It is 70 times larger than the sun and 85,000 times bright. It is so brighter that we see him as the 6th brightest star in the sky from 773 light years a…

31 True Science Facts You Didn't Know...Until Now -

31 Interesting Science Facts to Surprise
There are three hearts in the body Octopus. As much as taste to eat apple, there are 84 percent(84%) water in a apple. The person who have eaten banana just now, the attraction of every mosquito with him is more than others. There are more than 100 chemical substances in a cup of coffee. Chewing bubble-gum for one hour, 30 calories heat loss from the body. Cows can be raised on the stairs But it can not be dropped down. Shrimp just swimming in backwards. By opening his eyes, the frog can't swallow anything.

Hippos can pass 30 minutes under water without breathing. When the moon is directly on your head , your weight will be the least. N.B.=>> [weight = Your mass*9.8]N Dolphin sleeps one-eye opened. Chimpanzees also like to handshake with you. Do you know, cottage-industries can produce 33 mile long yarn one pound pure cotton. Scent power of the ants is more than the dog. Penguin is the only one bird that can swim …