31 Interesting Science Facts to Surprise

  1. There are three hearts in the body Octopus.
  2. As much as taste to eat apple, there are 84 percent(84%) water in a apple.
  3. The person who have eaten banana just now, the attraction of every mosquito with him is more than others.
  4. There are more than 100 chemical substances in a cup of coffee.
  5. Chewing bubble-gum for one hour, 30 calories heat loss from the body.
  6. Cows can be raised on the stairs But it can not be dropped down.
  7. Shrimp just swimming in backwards.
  8. By opening his eyes, the frog can't swallow anything.

  9. Hippos can pass 30 minutes under water without breathing.
  10. When the moon is directly on your head , your weight will be the least.

    N.B.=>> [weight = Your mass*9.8]N

  11. Dolphin sleeps one-eye opened.
  12. Chimpanzees also like to handshake with you.
  13. Do you know, cottage-industries can produce 33 mile long yarn one pound pure cotton.
  14. Scent power of the ants is more than the dog.
  15. Penguin is the only one bird that can swim but can not fly.
  16. Most of lipsticks in the world are made with fiber of fish.
  17. The number of butterfly's eyes is 12 Thousand!
  18. Fish also have cough.
  19. Bee has five eyes.
  20. mosquito's teeth are 47.
  21. Snails have breathed their feet.
  22. Snails have four noses.
  23. With the back side of the body Turtles can breathe.
  24. Elephants are the only mammals, which can not jump.
  25. The color of eyes becomes lighter with the increase of age.
  26. The average eyeblink of a person ia 42 million times per year.
  27. The longest living cells in the human body Cells are brain cells. It can be long up to 1m.
  28. Hand nails increases faster than leg nails.
  29. 1/4 part of the total bone of the human body is located on foot! It means there are about 51 bones!!
  30. You can not sneeze by opening your eyes. Believe It not, try it at once if you can
  31. We know that Galileo invented the telescope. Before inventing this people just see five planets with eye.