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App Review : Sky View - An Astronomy App

I was surprised to see the unknown stars on top of the night. But I do not know their name and distance.
Who does not like to know about unknown?
And if it is anything outside the world then there is no word.
I do not know the name of the star in the night sky, except for one or two. The most familiar is the Moon. Someone will know the Venus . We do not know anyone more than this.

But it is possible to get acquainted with them very easily, how?
That's why you must download a app from the Playstore Skyline® of Terminal Eleven. (There are also other paid apps)

Download Now -Sky View

It is possible to know the distance, classification, equation etc. of the stars through this app. If the mobile will turn to a specific star, it will tell its identity.

Many of those whom we now see as bright stars, many of them are not stars but rather the planets of our solar system. That was the most surprising thing. There are many features that I can't tell it.

[I give there some screen shoot of this app.]

* If there is no gyroscope sensor, maybe you will not get the expected benefit from this app.

Personal rating 5/5 ★
Public Ratings 4.3 / 5 ★

Size: 75 megabytes

If there is any question you can ask me.
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