<br /> What happens to your body when you die in space?<br />

What happens to your body when you die in space?

Think you're a famous astronaut from NASA. Most of your life has been spent in space. Even you have died in space. But then what will happen ? Let's know what will happen then....

So far, about 550 people have gone to space. Only three of them died in space. On June 6, 1971, a Russian space station named Soyuz 11 was hit by the accident, leaving three of its astronauts dead. Many things can happen when you die in space. However, scientists give importance to three possibilities. These are Burning, Rubbing and Mummified.

In space, if a person is released without spacesuit (Astronauts usually wear a suit), then he will live from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. His legs will swell and he will die. Many people say there will be an explosion of human bomb in space. But it will be done when the person breathes in the chest and goes to the space. But usually die by breathing. But then what will happen ??

The most likely is to burn in radiation. The vacant place of the space is not completely empty. Space stars, blackholes, quasars and other cosmic objects are splattering radiation in. So the most likely is to become ashes in radiation.

Now, remember that you are wearing space suits and there is enough oxygen . For some reason you died. Then? In this case, it will happen with the body which happens in the Earth. Your body will be roted in general through bacteria.

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But if there is no oxygen in the space suit? Another possibility is that the body becomes Mummified. Mummified means that all the moisture inside the body dry up and the body becomes mummy after cooling down. Then there will be no change in your body, even if it does not rot. But in this situation, there is a possibility of burning in radiation.

Nobody wants to die in such a different environment. But our curiosity mind always wants to know. So there is no end to know. Another strange information, NASA has no specific rules about what to do if you die in space. However, research is going on so long that the bodies can be stored in the space station for a long time. Hope someone will not get sick in space.