Do You Know This Unknown Information of Space?<br />

Do You Know This Unknown Information of Space?

Space is a very strange place. It's enormity is beyond the understanding of the human brain. Today, I'm writing about some strange things in this space.

1. The space is completely silent:

There is no doubt that if you make a noise in the space, anyone can not hear this sound. There is no atmosphere in space. That is, there is no medium for movement of sound. That's why Astronauts do not use mic but they communicate themselves through the radio.

2.Diamond Planet:

Very strange that this planet's surface is made of whole graphite and diamond. Its name is 55 Cancari-e. The mass of planet is eight times more than the Earth. And it is about forty light years away from the Earth. It is seen in the space without telescope.

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3. Foot print will not remove in the space:

If there fall a mark in the Moon it will remain undone for billion years.As the moon does not have any atmosphere, the wind can not remove it from the surface of the moon. If anyone do not remove the footprint of Nile Armstrong , it will not be removed in the next 150 million years. Note that human civilization is about one million years old.

4. Venus's one day is more than it's one year:

It is a very strange thing too. Venus is rotating very slowly in its axis. This planet rotates on it's own axis in 243 days.And it takes time to rotate the sun 225 days. It means, Venus's one day is more than it's one year.

5. The hottest place in the solar system:

A few years ago scientists thought that, since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it is the most hottest . But after observing they believed that Venus was the most hot planet. How hot? Venus's temperature is around 450 degrees Celsius. If the Sahara Desert is to be taken on a Venus in some way, then the entire desert will become a huge mirror in two hours. And Mercury is one of the coolest places in the solar system, because it does not have any atmosphere. Mercury become an ice-cream during the night as it can not hold the heat.

6.Space Suite:

Do you know the price of space suit? It is about $ 1212,000,000 . If you wear this suit, you can fly like Ironman in space.

7. Ocean ocean:

Scientists have discovered
a ocean which is flying in the space. It's is on the Titan
which is a the natural satellite of Saturn. I will post some posts about it some same days later. And so please subscribe me for get this post on your inbox by email.

Hope you have understood this. If you have any question you can ask me by comment.
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