What Would Happen If The Sun Died<br />

What Would Happen If The Sun Died

We all know that , once our Sun will die. With this our world will also be destroyed. According to astronomers, the sun is at its middle age. Our sun will become red star after more than 5 billion years.

Its size will grow so much that it will consume Mercury and Venus. Even the earth can consumed. Its center temperature and density will be much more than other parts.

As a result, it will be divided into two parts. They are the rest of the center and center. Its center will turn into a "white dwarf" star. The center will be so small that it will hold the same shape of the Earth. But its mass will be half of the mass of the Sun. As a result, its density will be much higher than the other parts.

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Anyway, there is a lots of time to die the sun. Hope we must get our second plan. But if the sun disappears at this moment? Then what will happen then?

At first, we need to know this good news 8 minutes 20 seconds. The Earth also had to run the place where the sun was in the space in 8 minutes 20 seconds.Then the era of the darkness will start in the Earth. The Earth will be stunned in space.

The earth will be scattered in space. The world will lose its light source. Only dark and dark around the Earth. Many people like me can think that we can die for the absence of oxygen.
But in the funny that, the amount of oxygen are in the world is enough to live more than 1000 years for all creature including human, trees, bacteria.
It means there will be no lack of oxygen in 1000 years. But it is not possible to live 1000 years in the present era.Therefore, it can be thought later.

The dark world will be gradually coverted into cold.In the first week, the temperature of the Earth will be 0°C .Naturally we will gradually decrease in numbers and maybe disappear at one time.But there are some microorganisms which do not need light to live. They can only survive when there is water. While the surface of the Earth is frozen, there will be only water on the bottom of the ocean. So they can stay alive. But people are not included in this type of microorganisms. So there is no possibility for live in the Earth.

These events can happen to us when the sun is destroyed or disappeared.
Like most stars, our sun is also a star. It's main fuel is nuclear fusion. In this case, 4 hydrogen atom is converted into 1 helium atom. At the center of the sun, It burns 62 million metric tons hydrogen per second.
Now if you put a bucket of water on the Sun then what will happen than?

Do you think that,you can quench the sun by water and you can make the situation of the world as if the Sun disappears?
If you think that you are wrong!

Usually, if you pour some water on fire, it will be extinguished. Our general fire burns with energy, air and heat. But when water is poured on it, it creates a kind of overlay on the fuel and eextinguish the fire.
Space is not like our Earth. There is no wind here. So you water in the Sun continuously , then the nuclear fusion will not be stopped. Rather, if water is given in the Sun, the water will start burning. And the hydrogen in the water will start nuclear fusion. So the Sun will be more brighter. Scientists think that, if anyone pour same mass water of the Sun, it will become bright 6 times more .

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