How To Increase Page View and Traffic Of Your Blog?

Learn How to increase page views by showing different pages to Readers

It is seen in the most cases that visitors visit your blog from various sources including Search Engines, but they leave your blog after seeing a post. A reader visits your blog but there are some common reasons for not seeing other blog posts.By following a few tricks, you can increase your page views. If you do this properly , your blog will get a special value to search engine.

How to increase page view and traffic?

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When a visitor leaves your blog
after seeing a post, the search engine think that there is no good quality post on your blog.
So the visitor is not staying on your blog for a long time.

Again those who are using Google AdSense on blog , increasing Page Views is an important factor.If you get more visitors on your blog your AdSense income will increase.

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How to Increase Page Views of Blog?

When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to tell anyone to visit the blog.The contents of your blog will bring a lot of visitors and page views from the search engine.In this post I will share how to increase page views and visitors.

1. Good Quality Contents:

I always advise everyone to write unique content on the blog.Because good quality and unique contents of your blog is the main and easy way to get visitors from Search Engines.When you share new unique content on your blog, this content will bring you a lots of visitors on your blog.And when visitors read your blog posts and get good quality articles, they will visit your blog again.If you copy any contents from any blog then you will not be successful in any way.So, you must try to share unique and good quality articles. 


2. Make permalinks in your posts

When you write a post, you can create a permalink in the Anchor Text format. (< a href="link">Text< /a>) That's why visitors can read the previous posts easily.As a result, your blog's Page View will increased.

3.Add some Popular Posts in Side Bar.

Popular Posts are another important way to increase page view on your blog.When visitors enter one of your blog posts from the search engine, they will want to visit your popular posts.You can add it to the sidebar of your blog.

4. Related Posts:

Be sure to add it below your blog post.When readers read the posts of your blog, the browser will automatically select some posts and show as related posts.As a result, the reader may like these posts. It is also a good way to increase your page views.

5. Adding Random Posts:

There are some visitors who visit your blog daily.So they would be bothered to see same posts. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show your blog posts orderlessly.This will help readers get more ideas about your blog post.

6.Navigation Manu Bar :

You must add a manu bar to your blog or website. Adds a Label link to your blog's main content in Manubar.This will make easier for visitors to understand what is the content of your blog .As a result your blog page view will increasing.

7.Post Summary in Home page :-

This is an easy way to get many page views.You may put the summary of posts on the blog's home page including "Read More " button. As a result the page view will increased day by day.

8. Improving Blog Load Time

If your blog is too slow then you will not get any visitor and Page Views. Because if the blog takes too long to Load, visitors will feel annoyed and leave your blog.

9. Search Box:

You must add a nice search box to the blog.Suppose, a visitor wants yo read about Search Engine Optimization. Then he will search about Search Engine Optimization. In this case, if you do not have a search box on your blog, he will get upset and leave your blog.

10. Share on social media and participate in the Forum…

When you write about a new article and publish that, you must share the post on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.You can also share the link of your post by answering the question in any other good forum.This will increase the visitors to your blog from those sites.

11. Clean Background and beautiful Fonts:-

You must avoid black background and opaque fonts on the blog.You will use white color Background and Black color Font so that the content readers of the blog can easily view and read.


Do not use low quality ads wherever you want. This will make readers annoyed and may be the opposite.Using the right size ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not feel boring.

At Last

If you follow all the above posts, then your blog's visitor and page views will increase.And for those who are using Google AdSense ads, increasing Page Impression on their blogs means increasing revenue.However, the source of everything is the content of the blog.The blog must have good quality unique content.Copying content cannot be used in any way.


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