How to Show Your Posts on Google's First Page?

Learn how to show your posts on the first page of Google search Engine by proper Search Engine Optimization.

Blogger or webmaster will not get enough organic traffic on the blog until the blog's posts are not seen on the first page of Google's results. In the case of online marketing, there is no success without organic traffic.If you can optimize Google search engine properly, it will be possible to get the first page of Google's the search results. When a blog shows its most posts on the first page of search result, the visitor will be increased at rapid speed.

Today I will discuss a very important issues. At present, more than 90% of the internet users use Google Search Engine. That's why if you can show your posts on the first page of Google search results, you will be able to make a good ranking of the blog by getting enough visitor from search engine. Here I am giving some suggestions for ranking up your blog.

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Search Local keyword:

If you share any information for a specific country or area, then you must the keywords which is used by the most people.(You can do it by "Google Keyword Planner".) Because Google can easily identify websites which is written on local topics.In this case, if you start blogging without optimizing the local keywords, Google will not understand the importance of the posts of your blog. And it will not show your posts in your targeted country /countries. As a result, your targeted country or place will be excluded .That's why, you must select your targeted country in Google Webmaster Tools / Bing Webmaster Tools. Then, when the people in that country search anything, Google will give priority your blog. If you can add some more information to do this, Google can detect your blog's location easily .You can tell Google about the location of your blog by adding your blog URL, name, address and phone number on Google Map.If you can verify your address from Google My Business, you will get more advantages for local searches.

Structure of International Blog :-

If you target the whole world then you have to make some important pages for search ranking. This pages will give a clear idea to Search Engines and visitors.If you have not these pages on your blog , the importance of your blog will decrease to the search engines. I am giving you a short idea for these pages.
About us: It's a very important page. Here you will give a description of your blog and you.
Privacy Policy: Explain how you collect user's information and then how you use it.
Contact Us: Keep a contact form for the visitor who can contact you for any needs. This will create communication with the readers of your blog.
Term and Conditions: Conditions are used for the use of many blogs. If there is anything like this on your blog then mention it in the 'Terms and Conditions page'.

Sitemap: Sitemap is created to summarize a blog's posts. It will present your blog briefly to the search engine and give a fuller idea about the blog. The above pages may seem completely unnecessary for new bloggers. However,you will understand the importance of these pages when your blog will getting famous . Therefore, it is best to make pages in the first phase of blogging in any type of blogging.

Create Quality Blog:-

​The word "quality blog" indicates many things on the blog. After starting a blog, keeping blog structure interesting is important . There are many things which isconnected with the word "quality blog".Below I will discuss some primary things of a "quality blog".

Original Content: There is no alternative to good quality original content for blog traffic. If you share original contents on your blog then search engines will help you to rank your blog.Specially the importance of unique contents to Google Search Engine is so that it can not be described. Again if you have not any orginal content, you will not get the best result of SEO.

Navigation: You must use the best nevigation of your blog. If the visitors don't understand your blog, they will leave your blog at a short time.

Breadcrumbs: Through this, both search engines and visitors will be able to get a better understanding of your blog post category and many more things including location. Especially, these Breadcrumbs links provide the facility of creating one type of internal backlinks.

Search Box: The blog that does not have a search box lost its importance. You must place a beautiful search box on your blog that can easily draw visitors' attention.

Responsive Design:

Responsive Web Designs has become a professional web design at this time.There was a time when no blog / website was responsive, but most recently everyone made their blogs in the form of Responsive Design. Top-level blog designers have made their blogs responsive for all devices. Moreover, the speed of any responsive blog is much higher than other normal blogs.The biggest advantage of this is that the contents of such blogs can be read clearly without zooming.If you don't responsive your blog yet, then you are missing the the visitors of small devices like mobile. Besides, Google has asked all to responsive their blogs.

Optimize for Mobile:

Mobile Optimization will come after responsive web design.Responsive Designs only help to read a blog clearly. And after mobile optimization, small mobile phones are able to load the website faster.Those who are blogging with Google Bloggers, they can use various Conditional Tags to optimize the blog for mobile. The Google search engine has created a different mobile bot for mobile search.It's name is 'Google Mobile Bot".Google Mobile Bot cheak website whether it is mobile optimized or not. If it is mobile optimized it will show the website on search result.

AMP Optimization:

AMP HTML is an open source project supported by Google Company, which helps a website to load quickly on any kind of mobile device. More prominently, AMP can load any website like a fast bullet in a mobile device. Currently Google search engine is taking the AMP very seriously for mobile ranking. However, in order to avail this facility, you must refrain from using third party scripts and almost all types of advertisements except Google AdSense.

Schema Markup :

This is a kind of semantic vocabulary code, which is used in blogs and websites to increase the attractiveness of search engines. These are usually in the form of HTML and Scripts. Using these Schema Markup tags, you can easily give a clear idea to search engines about various topics of your blog. This will increase the chance of your blog coming to the first page of search engines. I will share about schema markup in my blog - InsaAllah.

Use Good Quality Images :-

Google search engine has an option named Image Search. Any kind of picture is present in front of your eyes when you search there. If you can upload images of good quality to your blog and use Alta Tag , then there is a possibility of getting many traffic from Image Search. In this case, try to upload your own photo of a low-size amd good quality. Normally using pictures of another blog, there will be no problem. But, if the image owner report to Google for piracy , then there is a possibility of problems. If you want to use pictures from Internet, try to use it after some changes. Then there is a less chance of piracy complaints.


I would say again that without the proper search engine optimization, nobody has been able to get traffic from the search engine and will not be possible in the future. If you are expecting enough organic traffic on the blog, then you must follow all the rules of search engine optimization. Then you will succeed very quickly.


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